Enough With The Crocheted Items, Already!

I had forgotten that last year I crocheted snowflakes and some other little ornaments for our tree. Before we put up our tree, I crocheted more little ornaments. I do this mostly because I am bored and can’t decide what to crochet.

I found the direction for this little heart…

Heart tree ornament

…and this little heart online over at Aristo Hats.

Tree Ornament Heart

Then I crocheted these circles I made up as I went along.

tree ornaments

I took a break from crocheting and made a little felt chicken hanging on some gold jewelry wire.  I found the pattern online, but I don’t have the link.



The 2013 collections of Christmas ornaments!

crochet ornaments


Now what!

Oh, yeah!   A few weeks ago I crocheted some apple coaster without a net pattern.

Apple Coasters

And, I crocheted this sunflower without a net pattern for no particular reason.


Frankly, I don’t know what else to crochet. I did manage to knit a dishcloth the other night and frogged (rip it, rip it) the other one I was working on.

As Christmas is closing in and the new year is near, I am hoping to make some changes in my life.

Notice, I said hope.



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