The Beginning Of The End

Since this is the first day of the new year, I wanted to publish my very first post of a few photos taken towards the end of 2013.

I baked a delicious Almond Cake from David Lebotivz-living the sweet life in Paris for Christmas. Before I could make it pretty by dusting it with confectioner’s sugar, we sliced right into it.

With or without the dusting, this cake was heavenly!

almond cake

I made a couple of little banners using simple cuts from my Cricut Mini Machine.

One banner I hung on a shelf-

noel banner

-and the other on the tree.

joy banner

And, on another shelf, I hung three little crocheted snowflakes that I made from fishing line. Hanging from the fishing line they look as if they are just floating in air, but the camera picked up the line.  Darn!

These are three of the seven I made a few weeks ago. As I had mentioned, I stiffened them with liquid fabric stiffener then sprinkled them with glitter.

I love how the one sparkles when it hits the light.

snowflake sparkle

I also hung the other ones on fishing line then dangled them from the faux Tiffany light fixture over the kitchen table. They sparkled and shined by candlelight.

One year, many years ago, Carrie bought Tom a Christmas train set. Every year, on Christmas night, Tom sets it up for us to enjoy. It also has a little station that plays Christmas music.

The set has more cars than the three showing in these pictures.

I don’t know why I chose to shoot only three.

christmas train

christmas train

These two pictures (below) have no rhyme or reason.

The other day I was changing the setting on my camera and used the rag doll, that I made a while back, and the corner of my craft table to test the setting.

craft room

rag doll



I still can’t get the setting right on my camera.

I will keep working on it though.

Today, for our New Year’s supper, I made Tourtière (Canadian Pork Pie), and for dessert I made Whoopie Pies.

whoopie pies

I don’t like to make new year’s resolution.  I have yet to follow through with any that I have made in the past.   However, I did make a couple this year.  I resolve to look at life in a positive way, do better for myself and for my family, and just be happy to be alive.

 All in all, it was a quiet Christmas and New Year for us.  We ate good and everyone is healthy.

What more can one ask?

Happy New Year!  

snowman (1)

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