A Look Back-Part II

Here is the second of four collages on some of my crocheting and crafting in 2013.



After 40 plus years of cooking, I am burned out.  Meal planning is becoming quite challenging. What is challenging, for me, is trying to come up with different types of meals while keeping within a budget.  Food prices and the downsizing of products can be frustrating for those of us living on a modest income.

Since it has been cold here, today I busied myself with baking bread and making soup.

I made a cream of potato and bacon soup-

cream of potato and bacon soup

and a loaf of dill and onion ‘no knead’ yeast bread-

onion and dill bread

I made tuna salad sandwiches with the bread.

Since I had all of the ingredients on hand, it proved to be an economical and tasty meal for a Saturday night.

Yeah, me!

Good for one more day.


Thank you for visiting!

One thought on “A Look Back-Part II

  1. HI Liz Happy New year! I have a hard time cooking up new ideas. However I do love the new smaller cake size packages because it is perfect for Steve and I. They should offer both ways. I do see it both ways through some brands. I usually like to make my stuff homemade anyway. I love that bread you made and with tuna oh wow that sounds so good! Hugs


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