Ravioli and Collage Part IV

We have been busy for the past two days. Yesterday we made hot and mild Italian sausage. When we make sausage, we don’t stuff the mixture into casings. We leave some loose and make some into patties then freeze for later use.


But, today, Tom and I got out the pasta machine and made homemade ravioli stuffed with our sausage and ricotta and parmesan cheese .

sausage & cheese stuffed ravioli

After it was cooked,


we tossed them with a my quick pan tomato sauce.

quick pan tomato sauce

Then grated some Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese on top after plating,

stuffing ravioli

I love how homemade pasta give that little chew to every bite.  Homemade is so much better tasting then store-bought.  The only downside is that it takes a little work to make.  In the end, it was all worth the time and effort.

 And finally, the fourth of four collages showing some of my crocheting and crafting in 2013.


I am sure that after a while, looking at these collages, gets pretty boring.  I know that I was getting bored posting about them.

Have a great weekend!


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