Autumn’s Winter Reflection

How does one know which priorities one should put ahead of the other?  Especially when one has reached the age of maturity.

At 59, I cannot say that I am middle aged. Middle age would imply that I could live to be 118 years old and beyond.

Possible, but not probable!

What was important many years ago doesn’t reflect with my life now.  What I mean to say is that my priorities have changes.  I have less and less priorities today than I did in the past.

The family has moved on (they have for many years) and acquaintances forgot that you-at one time-existed. Therefore, I spend most of my days reflecting on the could’ves, should’ves, would’ves.

I admit that I spend way to much time reflecting on the past.

Or, do I?  I don’t know… I don’t have anyone to ask.  

Maybe reflecting is something that people of my age do most of the time.


I don’t know… I don’t have anyone to ask.  

In between reflecting, I do manage to crochet and do other crafts to keep my mind occupied from reflecting on the past so much. I must admit that I don’t need another dish cloth.

However, I crocheted three more-


Yet, again. As a little gift to me, I bundled them with some twine and a couple of dangling flowers.


And, when-I-am-ready-to-use-the-dish-cloths-I-will-hang-the-little-flowers-for-display…Blah, blah, blah!

Good idea?

I don’t know…I don’t have anyone to ask.

Or, is it that no one bothered to mention whether it was a good idea, a bad idea…

And, I certainly don’t need another mat/doily, or any other table covering. Still, I did crochet this one table mat/doily using Lily’s Sugar ‘N Cream Cotton.


I got the pattern and the idea from Olavas Verden

Even though I don’t need one more crocheted item, I can’t seem to stop putting hook to yarn. It’s in my blood! I will probably keep crocheting right up until I am 118 years old if possible.

Possible, but not probable!

But, I find contentment when I put my mind to my craft.


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