Color My World

We, in Southeastern Georgia, are keeping an eye on a winter storm.  It is not that I am afraid of a few snowflakes or ice-I am from the New England seacoast (born and bred) and have seen and lived through my share of winter storms.

But here, living 3 miles from the Florida state-line, you don’t expect to see snow or ice. There are no warehouse or garages full of snow plows or salt and our vehicles aren’t winterized.

The motto here, seems to be, “Nature put it here-nature will take it away“.  Hopefully, it won’t be too bad.

In the meantime, we will try to keep warm and hope that everyone stays safe.

floral motif mat

I will continue to crochet and think of what I want to do for my next project.

floral motif mat

Lately, it seems, that I have an obsession for little mats and hearts. I like to put little, colorful mats under my teapot when I make tea or use them as hot mats for casserole dishes, serving plates and bowls.

I found the pattern for this heart at Bunny Mummy.

I used Lily Sugar ‘n Cream cotton yarn for my mats.

heart mat

All the pretty colors lift up my spirits and reminds me of Spring.

Then, when Spring arrives, I’ll forget how I felt this past Winter.

A Patch of Old Snow

There’s a patch of old snow in a corner
That I should have guessed
Was a blow-away paper the rain
Had brought to rest.

It is speckled with grime as if
Small print overspread it,
The news of a day I’ve forgotten —
If I ever read it.     

–Robert Frost

Life’s funny that way!

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