Life Is About Choices


Life is about choices.

If I choose to let the value of my worth be determined by others, then I cannot move on.

As we approach the “Autumn of our Lives” we think about the most important things in life. Whatever I have been doing in the past is only making me depressed and confused. Time is so short and what is left of this life I must be true to myself and rid myself of sadness caused by the lack of interest by others.

My accomplishments have been achieved in vain. I have gathered and accumulated tools and materials to produce and amass a stockpile of useless things. Again, all done in vain.

Therefore, I am going to focus on the latter part of my life and rid myself of the weight of useless possessions, obsessions and competitions. I am going to be true to myself and return to simplicity, individualism, nonconformity.

I have never been one to follow a crowd for the sake of acceptance. However, in the last few years I have searched for acceptance and approval. I am finished seeking approval and acknowledgement from those who thrive on approval and acknowledgement.

My self-worth comes from me and not from others. Or, does it?

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