Striving For Simplicity

Taking my time, I have been ridding myself of things and stuff that have accumulated in my home. I envision a life of simplicity. I want to walk into a room and not be overwhelmed with needless stuff. When my surroundings are full of needless things, my mind becomes cluttered. When my mind is cluttered, I shut down.


As close as two months ago, I was an avid crocheter-crocheting things that served absolutely no useful purpose for me or others. I was crocheting so that I would have something to post and hoping at the same time that others, who also crocheted, would notice.

Alas and alack!  It was just never meant to be.

dresser top
Some crochet and other clutter.
Drawers are also filled with crocheted items and crafts. UGH!

I shamefully slobbered over other crocheter’s blogs.  I left little comments telling them how wonderfully talented they were and how much I appreciated all the time and work it takes to create an item. I answered all email inquiries about a pattern that I had posted or one that I wasn’t sharing with the public.  I finally decided to lay all that aside and relax. I was crocheting for all for the wrong reasons and was finding it very tiring and time-consuming. Crocheting was quickly becoming a chore and an unaffordable expense. My home became cluttered with “all things crochet”. All the while, neglecting other things that I enjoy doing.


Therefore, taking my time, I am packing-up and tossing-out all things relating to crafting.  At this time, I have no interest in perusing anything to do with designing or fiber art.

Onward to the next phase of my life!

One thought on “Striving For Simplicity

  1. Oh Liz! I understand completely. Sometimes I wonder why I am striving so hard with different things. I have let a lot of things go, just because it doesn’t really work for me anymore. God keeps reminding me that everything has a season in our life. Maybe that thing that brought me joy at one time and turned into a chore will bring me joy again at another time. Hope you guys are doing well!


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