To Simplify Feels So Good


I dug my heals-in today and uncluttered my computer/craft room.  I couldn’t believe that I had let my crafts get that overwhelming.

clutter free

It took me six hours to toss a stockpile of useless things and fill two bins with crafting supplies/materials that I had amassed over the years.  At a later time, when we finish with the rest of the house, most of the things in bins will be sold.  We talked about one, big yard sale.

dresser top
clutter free2

I have many empty drawers and the closet is sparse and organized.

clutter free desk

Mmm!  The desk still looks cluttered to me.  I think the mural makes it seem cluttered in the photo.

Nonetheless, I am starting to feel a sense of peace.  

Being overwhelmed with useless things made it so hard to clean.

Being overwhelmed with useless things made my mind spin to the point of wanting to shut down.

I can’t wait to get started in the other rooms.  We can free ourselves from the burden of material possessions and focus on living without worrying about so many needless, useless things.

To simplify, simplify, simplify feels so good!

It Just Makes Me Happy

One thought on “To Simplify Feels So Good

  1. Hi Liz! I love your before and after pics! Since I retired in January, hubs and I started doing the same thing…clearing out clutter! I wish I thought do do pictures! I know how house feel so great when you complete it..So liberating and peaceful! I felt the same as you, buried under it all! Please post moreics! Hugs my friend!


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