Folk Girl and Crackers

Since I am not crocheting or doing other crafts, to keep busy I have been sketching/drawing.

Well…I have been trying anyhow.

I found my drawing pencils the other day while cleaning out the craft room.

This is my sketch of a folk art girl.

folk girl

After I drew the sketch, I used it as a guide to draw the ‘folk girl’ on my computer using my paint shop program.

She looks like a space alien with those big eyes.

Folk Girl

It has been rainy and cold here.  I didn’t do much today save sketch while hubby cleaned out one of the kitchen closets. He called me out to look at the progress he made and the jars and other useless junk that he was going to throw out. I had no qualms about throwing out all those jars that I had saved. Why on earth do I save jars! I never have use for them. Needless to say, I was happy with his results.

The other day I made some homemade Wheat Thins. Yes, it is much easier and convenient to buy a box of them, but I had all the ingredients on hand. I wanted to prove to myself that I could make crackers that looked and tasted like the store-bought box of Wheat Thins.

homemade wheat thins

They were really good.  However, next time I make them, I am going to add a touch more vanilla. I found the recipe at here.

homemade wheat thins

Since I am straining to find the words to write an interesting post-and failing miserably, I will stop tormenting myself (and anyone who actually visits and reads my postings) and make myself a small pot of tea and watch the rain.

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