The Simple Things In Life

Some of us have heard the saying, “The whiter the bread, the quicker you’re dead!”  But, white bread taste so darn good!   That’s not to say that I don’t like other types of bread, but white bread is my all-time favorite.  

The Italian Semolina Bread I made the other day was delicious.  This bread is an artisan peasant/rustic type bread cooked on a pizza stone.

Italian Semolina Bread

Many agree peasant bread in any of its incarnations is extraordinarily good comfort food. It can be served in hunks or slices with hearty soups or stews, and is excellent for dipping into sauces. With the near limitless recipes available for various renderings of this simple bread, you’ll find plenty of ways to experiment to make your own bread. —source

The book which includes this recipe and many more can found here.

bread book

Such breads are known for their hearty crumb, a bit of stiffness and crustiness, and generally for their coarseness as compared to breads made with more refined flours. You’ll find numerous recipes online for these rustic breads, with many different suggestions on ingredients. Most are very simple, though, with yeast, flour, water and a little salt being the predominant ingredients, and many are shaped into round loaves. —source

Peasant Italian Semolina Bread

This is a no-knead bread mixed with a spoon in a lidded, plastic food container.  After mixing, you let it sit out for two hours, cover loosely with lid then refrigerate. This dough is best used the next day as it is really sticky and would be too hard to handle. It can be stored in the refrigerator for 10 days.

refrigerated dough bucket

Rustic/peasant cooking and baking are simple, easy, and delicious using minimal and inexpensive ingredients.  That’s what rustic/peasant cooking is all about and what my Italians grandmother would call “Cucina povera”. 

The simple things in life are the best of life.   

Tutti mangiare!

It Just Makes Me Happy

4 thoughts on “The Simple Things In Life

  1. I had this on my wish list a few years ago, and my brother got it for me for Christmas. I look at it every few months, but haven’t tried any of them yet since the storing thing freaked me out. I don’t have containers like that (we have very few storage bowls, and those are mainly glass) but I keep thinking I will get to it! lol Best laid plans my friend. 😉
    Your bread looks delicious!


  2. Oh that bread looks delicious. I am going to make it today. I will search online for the recipe. I can’t buy anymore books, ESP cookbooks. After moving and getting rid of so much stuff and living in a smaller house, I find I don’t have the room for more things of any kind. I need to eventually get rid of more stuff. Thanks for sharing that bread, you’ve inspired me to go bake bread! Have a blessed Sunday. Hugs


  3. Thanks so much for your last couple of posts. I got this book library after you posted about it.. I cant wait to get baking 🙂


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