Simply Irresistible

Twelve days ago (on a Sunday night) while I was sitting on my front stoop, a guy holding a kitten asked me if this was my cat.  He said that it was crawling in and out of our fence.  It looked about 2 months old.  I said no and noted that the little thing had a cut on the side of his eye and looked to be infested with fleas and ear mites.  The fur on his back and his head was covered with a maroon-ish stain. The little kitten wiggled out from his arms and ran up to my front door.  I quickly picked it up for fear that it would run into the road.  While I was holding the kitten, I asked him what he was going to do about it and he said that he couldn’t have any animals and that he was going to let it go. I just could not let that happen!  The poor little thing looked so helpless.


Sooooooooooooooooooo, now we have a kitten.  We already have a cat and I was afraid that she would become infested with the fleas and mites plaguing the kitten. However, we took it in, fed and watered him and made a little box for his bed where he stayed all night away from my other cat.

The next day we took him to the vets where they gave him a pill for the fleas and medicine for the mites.  I was astonished, that within 30 minutes the fleas were falling dead from the kitten.  It took 4 hours for the kitten to be flea free.  After that, the little guy came to life and was doing everything a kitten would do.  Before that, he was somewhat listless. I had never heard of a flea pill before. The vet did confirm that it was about 2 months old.

After all the fleas died, I washed and rinsed his back and head with a little baby wash, and it appeared to be blood from another animal. I can just imagine how he got that blood on him.

Luckily, my other cat didn’t get any fleas on her or mites and took to the kitten without a problem.

Brian named him Frankie, but I wanted to name him Mr. Clawsby.  So, his full name is Mr. Frankie Clawsby.

Taken a couple of days after his arrival. This picture shows his little cut on the side of his eye. He likes his little blanket I crocheted for him.


This one was taken a few days after the previous one. He is looking much better and the sore on his eye has healed.


An added expense that we really can’t afford, but I couldn’t let the little thing suffer.

For father’s day, I made homemade cinnamon rolls

Since I took picture of the rolls, I feel compelled to post them.

Rising in the pan-

cinnamon dough

All warm and glazed-

cinnamon rolls

Brian’s portions-

cinnamon rolls glazed

Now, who could resist a nice warm cinnamon bun and a cute little kitten?

It Just Makes Me Happy

2 thoughts on “Simply Irresistible

  1. Well it was certainly sweet of you to take him in! I don’t think I would have been able to with the fleas and stuff! I’m a bugaphobe! lol I would have had to take him to a shelter.
    Your cinnamon rolls look awesome! DO you frost them with a cream cheese frosting or just a powdered sugar/milk glaze>


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