Hanging Crochet Owls

I have a fondness for whimsical owls.  I have seem some really cute, decorative owls around the web and I wanted to crochet one to hang in the kitchen.

Having many beads, buttons, and sparkly notions, I crocheted the one below.


The owl is a combination of patterns I have seen around the web and one I crocheted two years ago (Sunflower Owl).

For this hanging owl, I used Lily’s Sugar ‘N Cream Cotton.  I attached a hanger using seed beads, jewelry wire and jump rings.  On the back, I sewed a piece of felt in the shape of the owl to give it a clean finish.

Then from “Bunny Mummy“, I crocheted this little guy using Aunt Lydia’s #3 crochet thread.

Small Owl

Using thread rather than worsted weight yarn, the little owl is smaller than a steel crochet hook.

Small crochet Owl

I promised that I would bake cookies today. Therefore, I better get away from this page and get busy in the kitchen.

Wishing you all a happy weekend!

sig summer

9 thoughts on “Hanging Crochet Owls

  1. I lost my whole post here because I could not remember my password. Grr anyway your owls are just adorable I love owls so much, real ones too. I have missed you this summer on FB maybe I am not there when you are Lol. have a wonderful day. Hugs


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