A Little Liveliness and A Cat Nap

Every once in a while we need a little change. We need something new and different to keep our lives interesting and inspiring.  Something as simple as a colorful, crocheted pincushion can bring a little liveliness and happiness to my life.

With some cotton, #3 thread, I crocheted a new home for my yarn and common needles.


It looks like a pretty, little hat.  It makes me happy to see the vibrant colors.  It inspires me to create and surround myself with more brilliant hues in an otherwise drab life.

loose fear

I took a couple of pictures of my little buddies, Frankie (the little one) and Luna.

Luna & Frankie

I have never experienced two cats that get along so well.

Luna & Frankie

Not once, have I seen or heard any aggression from either one of them. They aren’t always this calm. When they play chase and tag, they can rock the house.


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