Crocheted Brooches and Autumn Banner

A few weeks ago, I was inspired to crochet a couple of brooches.


I used #10 crochet thread, an old button that I had, some ribbon and some bobbles and beads.

As you can see, I was trying out ‘color schemes’.  I think the five colors go together quite well.

rose brooch

For the rose brooch, I used #3 crochet thread and some pearl beads.

I sewed felt and a hinged pin to the back of each brooch.

I think brooches look so pretty and feminine.

I have a few more designs swirling around in my head.  I am just too lazy to make these ideas a reality.

Autumn is nearly upon us, and I am looking forward to the cooler weather. Here, where I live, we won’t be feeling any cool, crisp air for a couple of months or more.  However, I still like to put little things around the house in celebration of autumn.

Last year I made a little “Happy Autumn” banner/streamer and posted the template.

autumn bannerIf you would like to make one or just to see the post click here or click on the photo.  The banner/streamer is made with light-weight card stock, ribbon and laminate.

Thank you for visiting!

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