It has been a month and a half since I have posted.  I don’t know where I read it, but I read that a blogger should write each day whether they want to or not.  I don’t know about everyday, but I do think that it should be more than once every 45 days.

So here goes with what promises to be a most boring account of my day.


This afternoon, while drinking my cup of tea, I thought about Beatrix Potter.

Go figure!

I then thought about a story she wrote called, “THE TALE OF MRS. TITTLEMOUSE”.

Then I thought-

Like Mrs. Tittlemouse, I used to be a very tidy mouse. Everyday I would go around the house cleaning and tidying. I enjoyed doting on the little touches that made the house our cozy home.

Alone with my thoughts and my hot cup of tea, I started to think that I am no longer as tidy as Mrs. Tittlemouse.

mrs t

She fetched soft soap, and flannel, and a new scrubbing brush from the storeroom. But she was too tired to do any more. First she fell asleep in her chair, and then she went to bed.

“Will it ever be tidy again?” said poor Mrs. Tittlemouse.

Yes, there are days that I gather my cleaning supplies.  However,  I am just too tired to do any more than gather the supplies.

So, I fall asleep in my chair.

But, unlike Mrs. Tittlemouse-
mrs t1

Next morning she got up very early and began a spring cleaning which lasted a fortnight.

She swept, and scrubbed, and dusted; and she rubbed up the furniture with beeswax, and polished her little tin spoons.

I half-heartedly go through the “domestic” motions.

Will it ever be tidy again?”

I am guessing it has to do with my age and with my outlook on life.

Of course, it could just be that I would rather be drinking a cup of tea while letting my mind wander back to happier times.


3 thoughts on “Thoughtful

  1. Some days I wonder if there is a point to cleaning, it seems like as soon as I turn around the dust is covering the floor and tables again. But then I realize that I can’t handle a dirty house. That is why I rearrange things so often. So I don’t feel like the dust is creeping up on me.

    Have you looked into homeopathic things to help you feel better dearie? Maybe oils and a diffuser?(I know everyone’s into oils right now, and they want ya to get under them in the pyramid, but you can some essential oils from craft stores, big box stores, puritans pride is always running deals) It makes my heart hurt to see you so sad. I’ll be praying that 2015 is a better year for you! 🙂


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