Mosaic 2014 Crochet

To kick-off the new year, I updated my header/banner by adding a few more graphics that I had drawn, years back, using my old psp7 program.  I am hoping that the difference will inspire me to blog more often.

I put pictures of the crochet items that I had crocheted throughout the year into a mosaic. I noted that I had crocheted many small items throughout the year. However, it is inspiring to see the things that I did accomplish.

Mosaic of 2014 Crochet

1. Valentine Dishcloth or Potholder, 2. Potholders/Dish Cloths, 3. Heart Dish Cloths, 4. Child’s Poncho, 5. Floral Banner, 6. Little Trinket Boxes, 7. Vintage Pot Holder, 8. Dishcloth and Mandelas, 9. Potholder, 10. Small Crochet Owl, 11. Owl, 12. Pincushion, 13. Brooch, 14. Rose Brooch, 15. Crochet Vintage Pot Holders, 16. Tapestry Crochet Change Purse, 17. Tapestry Crochet, 18. Heart Mat, 19. Floral Motif Mat, 20. Floral Motif Mat, 21. Heart, 22. Japanese Floral Mat, 23. Dishclothes, 24. Dish Cloths, 25. Shawlette/Scarf

It had three months since I last picked up a crochet hook.  Today, I started crocheting a doily.  It’s not like I need any more doilies, it is just that I kind of missed crocheting.  My intentions were to finish an afghan that I had started, but I quickly got bored with that and put it back into the crochet ‘dead hole’.

I hope 2015 will be a much better year for all of us.

Thank you for visiting!

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