A Beachy Mood

As of late, I have been in a “beachy” mood.  Born and raised on the New Hampshire seacoast, I have always had a fondness for a New England style beach cottage.

One of my, far-fetched, dreams would be to live near the beach in a vintage style beach cottage. However, there are other day when I would like to live in a rustic farmhouse, a Tuscan Villa, a Log cabin by a lake…I just can’t seem to make up my mind.

Caught in the winter doldrums, where everything seems bleak and colorless, I surfed online for color and inspiration from beach decor and beach cottages.

I made a color palette by picking out certain colors from each photo.

Whether designing…


(Decorating with yellow from Better Homes & Garden.)

…or redecorating a room…

beach chairsbeach-chairs-color-palette

(Photo found at (archived photoThe Enchanted Home.)

Who wouldn’t love to sit in these Adirondack chairs and just take in the ocean view?

…crocheting an afghan…


(Decorating with yellow from Better Homes & Garden.)

…sewing a quilt…

orange splashorange-splash-color-palette

(Orange Splash from HGTV-Colorful Coastal Designs.)

…or anything you may create, a color palette would be most useful in finding just the right color combinations.

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