Keeping Busy

Last night and today I drew flags/banners using some backgrounds I found around the web.  I made a few of them, using different patterns, and adding little push tacks to the ends.  I have no idea how I am going to use them.  But, they were fun to make and design and it keeps me busy.


The patterns on the flag above, and at the end, are from the talented Shery K Designs.  She has some beautiful patterns over at her site.  A big thanks go to those who share their talent, with others.

Instead of making flags/banners, I should have crocheted more on the doily I had started a few days ago. Truth be told, I am having a hard time seeing the stitches. I think it is because of the color. Red isn’t an easy color to pick up with a camera, I imagine it is just as hard on the eyes-or not.

red doily

Because my sister had mentioned that she ate pickled beets the other day,  I had to have some pickled beets.

Me too, me too!

Yesterday, I made a jar and added hard boiled eggs like my father used to do when we were kids. They are good as a snack or for lunch.

As you can see, I like lots of ground black pepper.  

pickled beets and eggs

It hasn’t been a very exciting couple of day.  At least, they haven’t been filled with stress. For that, I am grateful.

flag-banner-smIt Just Makes Me Happy

2 thoughts on “Keeping Busy

  1. Your flags…. (buntings as they say across the pond) are super cute. I want to try and crochet one and hang it in the door way that leads in to the dining room. I super duper love pickled beets and eggs. Gotta have me some cracked pepper from a pepper grinder. They go hand and hand for sure! I just came across your blog today and I have a feeling I will be hanging out here alot. I like your style. 🙂
    I do a lot of crocheting, I am just learning how to use my brand new sewing machine I got for Christmas and I also reborn silicone/vinyl babies so that they look amazing like real babies. I am a stay at home momma of two grown kids and four grand babies. Glad to meet you Liz! XXXXX


    1. Yes, they are also called buntings. I have crocheted them before and have posted on them as buntings. I actually forgot that they are also called buntings. I must have had a brain cramp. LOL
      Thank you for visiting with me.
      Nice to meet you, also! 🙂


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