By Hook Or Cook

I promised myself that before days turn into months, I would make an effort to post now and again.

Therefore, here is an account of the past few day.

The doily (unblocked) is finished.

I was so glad to see an end to this doily.  More than a few times, I wanted to put it aside and forget about it.  I was getting bored and couldn’t find a purpose as to why I was crocheting another one of these.  The pattern is called ‘Swirl’ from the  Leisure Arts Round Doilies leaflet.

red doily

On Saturday, I made french bread,

french bread

cooked my chili con carne,

chili and french bread

and with the leftover almond paste (from the bear claws I made last week), I baked almond biscotti.


Moving on…

We haven’t seen the sun in a few of days.  It is so dreary outside.  Which in turn, makes me feel dreary. There are a few things I want to do around the house, but I fear that I will create the ‘snowball effect’.  So, in turn, I do nothing.

What is it that I want to do?

One has to have something to look forward to.

What is that something?  

If everyday is just another day waiting, then one has wasted life.

Waiting for a life is not living life, but merely existing.

Do you merely exist?

It Just Makes Me Happy

7 thoughts on “By Hook Or Cook

  1. Well you were certainly busy!:) Your doily is nice! Have you thought about doing craft shows? or selling them on etsy? that way you still get to do the creating but don’t have a million of them sitting around? Or if you look up doily crafts there are a ton of things you could create with them and sell or use!


  2. Pretty doily, love the colour. The chili, French bread, and the biscotti look delicious! I get you Liz, the sunshine always helps. hugs


  3. Nice doily!! The chili, French bread, and the biscoti look delicious!! I think we all just live day to day without anything to look forward to…


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