Afternoon Tea

Between two and three in the afternoon, I find myself totally exhausted.  Between those times, I make myself a cup of hot tea in a pretty little cup with a saucer.  As I take in the aroma of fragrant bergamot and sip the bold flavors, I ponder about the days ago or the days to go. It’s a chance for me to indulge in a few moments of peaceful bliss in a ladylike fashion.

Pinkies out, please!

tea and scone

Very rarely do I eat something while I take tea.  But, the other day,  I made orange cream scones to go along with tea.

orange scones


The flavor of the citrusy, orange bergamot in the tea and the orange (peel) in the scone paired together nicely.  This scone has a touch of sweetness and didn’t need a jam or butter to enhance the flavor.

The other evening I crocheted tiny hearts adding little glass beads to the end tips. I wanted to make a nice long streamer. Again, I got bored with making tiny hearts (as I do with anything that has to do with crocheting lately), and ended up with a tiny, ugly little streamer.

sm heart garland

I nominate this little, heart streamer as “what not to crochet“.

Put the hook down and just walk away!  


4 thoughts on “Afternoon Tea

  1. Hi Liz, I like to eat scones but have never made them. I drink a couple of cups of tea a day.
    I like your heart thingy, looks like it could be a necklace. I like your teacup siggy too!


  2. Ahhh tea. I have a love/hate relationship with tea lately. I think it’s because when I was really sick I was downing peppermint tea with honey by what seemed the gallons. Your scones look tasty! 🙂 I always have them on my to do list, but I worry about if anyone here would eat them! So I will just come look at pictures of yours instead!:)

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