Casa di Pizza

I am finding it a little difficult to find things to post that are positive.  What I will say is, “I can’t keep up with the rising cost of food and other things!”  Going out to eat has been non-existent for us.  We cook or bake everything rather than buy prepared or packaged foods.

A couple of Saturday’s ago we made homemade pizza.  It is a little time-consuming, but it is much cheaper and taste better.

I make the dough-

pizza dough

and I made my quick pizza sauce.

homemade easy pizza sauce

I made six individually sized pizzas.

dough pizza

Each of us added our favorite toppings (the one below is mine) and there you have it!  A delicious pizza costing you less than a delivery pizza or going out for a pizza.


Buon appetito!

liz siggy

5 thoughts on “Casa di Pizza

  1. We rarely have pizza and when we do it is always homemade from scratch. The kids love getting involved and I’m happy knowing exactly what’s gone into it. They invariably taste better too. Yours looks delicious:)


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