Tapestry, Tea and Whoopie Pies

Over a week ago, I was working on a crochet tea cozy and added some crochet tapestry to the piece.  Not happy with the outcome of that project, I put it aside. However, last weekend, I had an urge to do a little more crocheting.  I decided to use some of my cotton yarn stash to make dishcloths.


My inspiration, for two of these patterns (the tapestry), came from my little tea cozy and Little woolie’s blog. If you are a crafter, Little Woolie is worth checking out.  She has “a love for crafty things, crochet, knitting and yarny makes in particular”.

The other one (yellow and blue) is something I just made up.  It’s just rows of extended single crochet.


The two, on the end, are ‘Flat Tapestry crochet’. If I could use both hands to crochet, the patterns would be sharper. No matter how hard I try, I just cannot crochet using my left hand or crochet backwards.  I want to learn, but on the other hand…

To see what I mean, take a look at this video “Flat Tapestry Crochet by Carol Ventura“.

A while ago, I made these (see photos below) using the tapestry technique.  They are done in the round. Therefore, the patterns are sharper.

crochet tapestry change purse crochet tapestry

I don’t have to use my left hand for tapestry if done in the rounds.

And, to add a little sweetness to our lives, I baked Whoopie Pies.

whoppie pie

I filled half with marshmallow (Fluff) and vanilla cream, and half with marshmallow and peanut butter-vanilla cream.  A New England tradition, my mother made these for my sister and me when we were kids.

whoppie pies

I purchased some new blended teas from Adagio online.  My purchases were these two sample tins along with a couple of Earl Grey pouch blends.



It is time for my afternoon pick-me-up.  I am off to make a cup tea.  I think I will try the Wizard’s Grey.  I am hoping it is as good as it sounds.


6 thoughts on “Tapestry, Tea and Whoopie Pies

  1. They look plenty sharp to me Liz! Crocheting is beyond me. I learned basic, then went on to create my own stitch accidentally and made a wonky blanket. lol That was back when I was a teenager, and the only time I crochet now is when I need to for a project like eyes, etc on a hat.
    You will have to let me know if that tea was any good! My husband has gone tea mad lately, and we are buying it all the time again for him.;)


    1. The teas were very good. You could taste a hint of the chocolate and blackberry in the Wizard’s Grey and the cream and ginger in the The Evening Star. They flavors complimented each other and weren’t overpowering. I also ordered a sampler of the Earl Grey Lavender and didn’t like it at all. The lavender was too over-powering and made the tea taste too much like perfume. To me, it was terrible.

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  2. Hi Liz, I was working on my site when you stopped by. I just added pictures of my new furniture.
    I wish I had learned to crochet. I do have some nice things my grandma and aunt made.I have several tea pages listed at my site map. Thanks for stopping by.


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