It’s A Wrap!

I was never so happy to see a crocheted project end, as I was, when I finished this shawlette.

South Bay Shawlette

The pattern is called, South Bay Shawlette by Lion Brand.

South Bay Shawlette

For the yarn, I used 100% Suri Brushed Alpaca, fingering yarn (which is now discontinued) and a size F crochet hook.

I love the feel of this yarn. It is light and airy and blocks beautifully.

South Bay Shawlette

My frustration came about when I would make a mistake and have to unravel the error. If you didn’t go slowly to unravel, that is when the fun began.  Because this yarn has tiny hairs, the stitches would fuse together with any friction.

Natural fibers have a tendency to do that.

At one point, after finishing a long row, I made a mistake at the beginning and had to sloooooooooooowly and methodically unraveled the whole row.


However, it’s finished and I am happy about that!

Twenty-five years ago, when we had this house built, we didn’t realize that one of the kitchen cabinets would be too small to keep anything in there save herbs and spices.  Then again, it was still too small to hold any significant amount of spices and herbs.  It is only 8 inches wide with three shelves and not very tall or deep (the top shelf had to be reached with a tall stool or chair-not very safe and so inconvenient).  For 25 years, we wrestled with jars in trying to find the one spice that we needed.  We had to take out jars of spices and herbs to find the one that was needed, then put them all back.  Some would fall out onto the counter…it was frustrating!

Finally, we came up with a solution.

This is what we built a couple of weeks ago.

Spice Cabinet

It fits between the refrigerator and wall. It has 4 casters attached to the bottom, and a handle at the end, so it will roll out and back in easily.  After putting all the spices, herbs, etc into it, my spice collection doesn’t look as big as it did in the tiny cabinet.

It makes it so much easier to cook and bake when you can see everything in the front of you.

7 thoughts on “It’s A Wrap!

  1. I hate frogging! It is the bane of my existence and one of the reasons that I haven’t been knitting as much as I used to! Because I am also a perfectionist, I couldn’t just leave my mistakes and go on.
    Your shawl came out beautifully! It was worth the extra effort!

    I love your spice rack! Is it weird that I stared hard core at it trying to see what spices you have? lol I get all nerdy-excited when I see other people using the same brands that I do. I just answered my own question. It’s weird. lol

    You guys did a great job on it!


  2. I need one of those spice units – what a brilliant idea!!! I had the same issue when unravelling my shawl using mohair so I just decided to live with the mistakes, but my pattern was less obvious than yours so I could get away with it. End result is fab, well done!


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