Collar Me Done

I rarely, if ever, wear any of my crochet designs.  I have a couple of drawers where I keep everything that I make. There are only a few things that I do use, like dish cloths, change pouch and a small clutch.  All doilies, that I have crocheted over the years, are all washed and put away.  Until recently, I used to display them around the house on tables.

Knowing that I would never wear a crochet collar or have a need to wear one, I crocheted one regardless.

Crochet Collar

(This photo was taken outside under covering)

I used size #10 crochet cotton and a #6 crochet hook.

crochet lace collar

(This photo was taken inside)

The pattern is from an old pamphlet (“Collar-me-Beautiful” by Mary Buse Melick) I had since the 1980’s.

Crochet Collar

(This photo was taken inside in a different area.  This is closer to the actual color of the collar)

I didn’t know if I should have added a button or leave it as is so that, if worn, it could be secured with a brooch.

This was done right after I finished the dress top.  While I was crocheting it, I wanted to end it, but continued on until it was finished.  It took me about 8 hours over two evening.


9 thoughts on “Collar Me Done

  1. Ha ha! That made me laugh because I SO know where you’re coming from – I make things because I enjoy the process and it doesn’t have to be useful as long as it is pretty. This is simply beautiful!


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