Another Shawl

Boredom always precedes a period of great creativity.
–Robert M. Pirsig

Well, maybe not a “great” creativity, but some creativity.


Last summer, I tossed out most of my left-over yarn.  However, I saved some skeins that had not been used.

At that time of the clean-out, I was adamant that I would never again pick up a crochet hook. I already had to many finished projects tucked away in drawers.  And besides,  yarn is quite expensive when one’s on a budget.


Days of staring at walls and wondering what to do to pass the time, I gave in and used up some of the saved yarn to make a shawl/shawlette.

I used Premier® Cotton Fair® Solids yarn.


The pattern for this shawl is called the “Morning Has Broken Shawl” and can be found here.


4 thoughts on “Another Shawl

  1. Very pretty!
    Are there little stores around you that take consignments? We have some stores here that people have their knitted/crocheted items in for sale. No overhead for you, and money for yarn! 😉


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