Taking Control

Sometimes one has take control of one’s life.  Whether it is by choice of by unforeseen circumstances.  Some of those unforeseen circumstances could be medical issues that are visited upon one as one ages.  Also, as one gets older, they may experience diminished financial resources after retirement.


I, along with my husband, have started to take control of our possessions.  We are, and have, been downsizing our material possessions.  While the family has moved on with their lives (a 1,300 mile distance from us), we have decided to move on with ours.  Now that it is just the two of us; we will not be holding on to things that we thought might be passed down.

the courage

Here is a good article I suggest everyone should read,  Stuff it: Millennials nix their parents’ treasures.

Some excerpts taken from that article:

Members of the generation that once embraced sex, drugs and rock-and-roll are trying to offload their place settings for 12, family photo albums and leather sectionals.

Their offspring don’t want them.

As baby boomers, born between 1946 and 1964, start cleaning out attics and basements, many are discovering that millennials, born between 1980 and 2000, are not so interested in the lifestyle trappings or nostalgic memorabilia they were so lovingly raised with.

Being of the ‘baby boomer’ generation, we talked to our family of ‘millennials’ and the ‘Generation Z’ and told them what were doing and they are completely on board. After reading that article, I can appreciate why they didn’t hesitate to agree.

We do not want to burden our family with having to clean out and clean up after us.  However, we also want to live a more simplified life. We want our home environment to be easier to clean and control.

As for medical issues, although they will be with me for the duration of my life, I am grateful that they can be controlled.  These are issues that sometimes happen with the aging population.

Yes, aging!  It can be a depressing time or one can choose to accept it gracefully.


But, I am burdened with guilt because some have emailed me with some problems they were having with some of my crochet patterns and I have not responded.  I just haven’t felt well.  I will fully admit, I am not a very good pattern writer.  I can design a pattern in my head and make it become a reality with my crochet hook,  but when I do write it down, and post it,  it’s unintelligible.  I have taken down my posted patterns until I can commit myself to respond to a question.

In the meantime, we are more than happy to make do with what we have and avoid the traps of consumerism.  It feels so good to unburden ourselves from material possessions.

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