Crafting with Frankie

Will I?

Won’t I?

It’s a debate that’s has been going on in my head for many months about whether I should continue to blog.

Does it fulfill me?

Does it matter?

What’s the point?

What am I trying to convey?

Obviously, it must be something I want to hold on to, because here I am posting about the mundaneness and the uselessness (on my part) of blogging. Since the rise of social networking websites, blogging appears to be an outmoded pastime.

For now, I will think of blogging as a record of the past-of sorts. A place where, when I no long exist, my grandchildren might come to read a little of the past. I have thought how great it would have been if my grandparents had left a journal of their lives.

Hopefully, this way of thinking, will inspire me to post more often.

Speaking of inspiration, a few weeks ago, I saw little pocket folders and string-tie envelopes on Pinterest. I felt motivated to craft some of my own. Since I already had craft paper and other supplies needed, I thought, “why not”?

folder-envelopesI used double-side craft paper such as K&Company Specialty 12-by-12-Inch Paper Pad. Examples of the paper used can be found here.

string envelopes

If you are inspired to make these cute string-tie envelopes, you will find the template and instructions at Minieco.

pocket folders

The pocket folder’s template and instructions can be found at Cedar Graphics.

This was an easy and satisfying project to do.  However, there was one hurdle that was keeping me from completing my project in a smooth manner.


Even though he is a nuisance at times, I would genuinely miss him if he were not a part of my life.


5 thoughts on “Crafting with Frankie

  1. Love those envelopes – thanks for sharing the link. I also blog as a record mainly, but still enjoy writing the posts three years in. Who knows, maybe I’ll tire of it too, and stick to Instagram as the easier, more instant medium. I do love reading blogs though, as they can be much more ‘meaty’ in content.


    1. I say, “yes” to starting a blog for you crochet projects. At least, if you started one you will have a journal to look back on. I’st nice to see the progress of projects past. If you do, let me know the blog address so that I can come and visit with you.


  2. Liz. I’ve missed you sweet friend!
    I was hoping I still had your email address. I don’t. if you still have mine, email me and I will update you on my mess of a life. Wish it was as pretty as your envelopes!!!
    Hope you guys are well!


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