Dishcloths Pearl Brioche Stitch

Overtime, the desire to crochet and knit have waned.  I don’t need another afghan, shawl, doily, geegaws, etc.  But, at times, I get a spurt of creativity and find myself wanting to get out the old hooks or needles.  I did crochet a doily not too long ago.  I have it store away with my other ones.

However, one project I do find useful are the knitted dish cloths.


I found some 100% crochet cotton, #4 worsted weight, on sale and got busy. However, I still have one more to knit. I have been procrastinating on the last one.

I used the Pearl Brioche Stitch to knit these.


Unlike crocheted cloths where they seem to be too stiff., this stitch knits up soft and is not too tightly knitted. After they get wet, the stitches loosen up a bit.  They rinse out beautifully.

I used #9 needles (5.5 mm, 5 UK) and cast on 32 stitches for my dishcloth.  I also knitted one row before I start the pattern stitches.  I ended with row 4 before binding off.

You can find the stitch pattern (and many more) at:  Knitting Stitch Patterns.

While I was taking pictures of these cloths, my Frankie’s curiosity got the best of him.

Of course, I couldn’t resist.


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