Want Versus Need

Many of us have an obsession with consumerism. It has become a way of life.

It is all a mind game that is played on us through commercialism and advertisements. We must have this and we must have that! It will make me a better person, it will make them happy, it will make me happy, it’s bigger than the one I have now, it’s a newer model, it shows I love them…it’s the American Dream!

A countless number of us are drowning in debt and/or material possessions.  Our homes, basements, attics and garages are cluttered with things that now bore us — things whose purpose was to satisfy a whim at the time of purchase.

Many, in order to find more space for their over-consumptive needs, rent storage spaces.

Fibber McGee’s Closet — From the radio show Fibber McGee and Molly

How do we break this cycle of consumer gluttony?  We need to focus on our basic human necessities.

We do not need to give up Capitalism to make a change from consumerism to consumption for satisfying our basic human needs and to “provide for the basic creature comforts of all people.”  Our true needs — safety, shelter, food, clothing, health care, education — are not consumerism, but consumption.

The capitalist economy must be strong enough to provide for the basic creature comforts of all people.”  For this to happen, we all have to remember that “limiting consumption is not a reflection of failure.  Rather, it represents liberation from an obsession.”

We should “focus on… well, what exactly?

It isn’t hard to figure out what is most important in life.

A lesson I wish I had learned in the past.


2 thoughts on “Want Versus Need

  1. Another great, thought provoking post! Over that last 4 or 5 years, hubby and I have begun purging our home, and only keeping what we truly love and use. If we want to purchase something, we save till we have the money, and sometimes, we find when we do have it to buy the item, we find we don’t want or need it! Thanks Liz!

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