Crochet Child’s Poncho

Using my imagination and left-over yarn, I crocheted this poncho for my far-away, granddaughter.


I haven’t seen her in over two years.

poncho stitches

I am but a stranger to her now.

poncho closeup

She was two years old the last I saw her.

poncho flora

This year she turns five.

Life is so short and the days zoom by.


I guess most wonder when.


Sweet Lizzy

Two years ago my grandchildren moved 1200 miles from me, I don’t get to see them. Not seeing them leaves such an empty feeling. When I think of them, I get a lump in my throat and my eyes well up and tear. I see how they have grown through photos.

Yesterday, I took a photo (of my granddaughter) that my daughter posted on Facebook and made a scrap type page with it and then framed it.

Sweet Lizzy

For just a little while, the emptiness was put aside as I worked to frame her pretty face.


I miss my family.


Elizabeth Filet Crochet

Last winter, Carrie asked me if I would crochet a name plaque for my granddaughter, Elizabeth.  I got busy and charted out a graph-

Elizabeth filet graph

I have crocheted many filet crochet patterns and names over the years.  Reading a graph, while I am crocheting, can become confusing as to where I keep loosing my place. That tends to frustrate me and slow me down. I write down the rows and the steps-

Filet Crochet Numbered Chart

Two nights ago, I finally stiffed it with fabric stiffener-

Elizabeth Filet Crochet
I made another Elizabeth one previous to this one, but I didn’t like how the “Z”  font looked.  So, I charted this one and was ok with the outcome.  I just wish I had added more of a frilly border.

Now, I just have to put it into a pretty, matted frame.

Making Memories

Because we are experiencing some beautiful Autumn temperatures, Elizabeth was able to wear one of the hats that I crocheted for her today.

I just couldn’t resist taking some pictures of her and making some memories.



elizabeth ann

I sure am going to miss them when they move to Texas. But, that’s a post for a different day.

Super Sunday

I baked these Peanut Butter Surprise Cookies this morning…

valentine cookies

…for these little Rugrats Valentines-

brian-superbowl sunday

nicky-superbowl sunday



Picture of Brian and Nicky taken yesterday, Super Bowl Sunday.  We had a small family gathering for the Super Bowl Game.  I fried hot wings and curly fries and on the side we had celery sticks and blue cheese dressing. For appetizers we-the adults-indulged on 7-layer dip, beer and wine.  The temperature was in the middle 50’s and we all spend most of the day outside.

It was a wonderful weekend and for a while I was able to forget all the things that have been weighing heavily on our minds and in our lives.

Love Quick Page

My granddaughter, Elizabeth-14 months old.


I finally found a use for this quick page I made a while back.

Elizabeth’s 1st Birthday

Elizabeth's 1st Birthday

Elizabeth's 1st taste of Cake

My daughter and grandchildren-Elizabeth 1st B-day

*Frames by Luminicity
*Scrapping by (I lost the link to the scrap page. If you know who these belong to, let me know so that I can give credit to the rightful owner).

Get Me Out Of This!

Taken last Sunday. Elizabeth isn’t too happy to be sitting in her walker. As soon as she figures out how to go forward, in her walker, I am sure there will no stopping her.

Elizabeth Ann
Elizabeth Ann-7 months old

She is very, very vocal.

Now, who does that remind me of.

Who else is very vocal, never happy even when a bottle is placed in front of her and is also named Elizabeth?


Who could it be?

Whoooo could it be?


Let me see!


Tap! Tap! Tap!

This Elizabeth is a little sweetheart irregardless of her little ‘tude. 

The other one…not so much.