Super Sunday

I baked these Peanut Butter Surprise Cookies this morning…

valentine cookies

…for these little Rugrats Valentines-

brian-superbowl sunday

nicky-superbowl sunday



Picture of Brian and Nicky taken yesterday, Super Bowl Sunday.  We had a small family gathering for the Super Bowl Game.  I fried hot wings and curly fries and on the side we had celery sticks and blue cheese dressing. For appetizers we-the adults-indulged on 7-layer dip, beer and wine.  The temperature was in the middle 50’s and we all spend most of the day outside.

It was a wonderful weekend and for a while I was able to forget all the things that have been weighing heavily on our minds and in our lives.

Open House

Carrie, Nicky and Elizabeth have been staying with us until Carrie recovers from the C-section she had when Elizabeth was born.  Her hubby works during the day and I was not able to be with her during the day to help her out with the kids.  Carrie could hardly walk as her feet had swollen three times their size from all the water she was retaining.  Her blood pressure was sky-high, she is anemic, had and has been having terrible headaches, and was unable to move due to the staples then the butterfly stitches to her abdomen.

Brian’s fracture to his elbow healed and he no longer has to wear the splint.  If it didn’t heal then the doctor was going to put a cast on him.

Nicky is doing good and trying his best not to get into trouble.  Hopefully, someday it will all finally click why he can’t do what he is not suppose to do.

Elizabeth is also doing good.  She had her first doctor’s visit today.  When she first came home from the hospital she weghed 4 lbs. 9 oz.  Now she is up to 6 lbs. 13 oz.  Her little clothes fit her better now.  Carrie and I went out last Friday and bought all the kids some new clothes.  Saturday, Grampy bought the boys new sneakers.  As they say, they are growing like weeds.

Elizabeth Ann
Elizabeth Ann-November 30, 2009. All ready for her first doctor's visit. She is sitting in her car seat.

Elizabeth Ann-2009
All Gussied-up in her little pink headband.

Our Thanksgiving was filled with noise and good food. We had a good day. We made turkey soup on Saturday. I, for one, am glad to see the last of the turkey and the fixings.

I have had little time for my blog. I seem to be spending what little time I do have, on Facebook. My sister and Carrie and most of my blog buddies are now on Facebook. It seem that blogging is slowly being a thing of the past. That is so sad to me. But, I also must admit, rather reluctantly, that I am playing Farmville.

Farmville will suck the blogger right out of yah!

Liz Woodward

Happy Halloween 2009

Happy Halloween!

Everything is ready for the little ghouls tomorrow night.  Brian and Nicky are looking forward to tomorrow.  Tom decorated the outside and I cleaned today and did some more decorating for Halloween.  Their costumes are ready and so are they.  Tom bought them some flashlights and a couple of little wind up trinkets.

Now they are saying that candy that is given out can spread the H1N1.  It comes to a point that one doesn’t know what to do.  Do we all stay home and cower in the house or do we go on with our lives.  It is all very confusing.

I forgot to mention that Carrie is doing well.  She isn’t having any more labor pains.  And, in case she does, she has some medication to stop the contractions.  Boy, it can get scary when the baby wants to come too early.  I am sorry that I didn’t mention it.  I know that a few of you have asked about her.

Earlier this evening, Brian tried to do a balancing act around the edge of my above ground planter, fell off and hurt his arm.  He complained a little this evening of it hurting him.  It is swollen or anything.  If he still complains tomorrow and we see any changes then we will call his doctor.  Geesh!


Too Hot To Do Much Else

Nicky slept over last weekend. He is doing so much better than he was the other day. He loves to come over and spend time here. He and Brian tried to play outside but it was just too hot.

The scrap page is of Brian doing some homework.  Grampy and Nicky were watching the baseball game on TV when I snapped them. 

august 2009
Tom, Brian & Nicky

That was my weekend in a nut shell.

First Days of School

Nicky is doing better today.  Carrie took him to his doctor’s and they put him on antibiotics.  Now Carrie has a terrible cough and feels just lousy.  Her doctor told her to take Robitussin which we know doesn’t help.  Where she is pregnant, I am worried about that H1N1 flu.  My worries just never end.

Brian’s first day of school was today.

brian 1st day school
Brian-August 5, 2009-1st Day of School

He said that he liked his teacher and his class. He is excited about being in the fourth grade.

To me, he has changed in two short years.   He has filled out this year.  I can’t wait to see his first day of kindergarten.

August 1, 2007-2nd Grade ------------------ August 5, 2009-4th grade

The House Is So Quiet This Evening

Carrie called to tell me that Nicky isn’t feeling well. He had a fever of 101° earlier this evening  and a runny nose.  I just called her to check on him and his fever went down to 99°.  He was fine all day until Carrie picked him up at the sitters.  She called his doctor and they have an appointment tomorrow morning.  My concern is the H1N1 flu going around.  Nicky wanted to talk to me and said, “I want to come down to your house grammy.”  Poor little guy!  You could tell he wasn’t feeling well just by how he sounded.  I told him that when he feels better that he could. 

Brian went to open house this evening at school. He met his teacher and found his class room. He is in bed and having a hard time sleeping now that vacation is over. Tomorrow he catches the bus at 6:40 a.m. Last year his first day of school was August 1st. I sure am going to miss not having him around during the day. It gets really lonely here when he and Tom aren’t here. It seems that we were just at the fireworks on the 4th of July. My goodness, but the time goes by fast.

washing machine


Today I concentrated on Brian’s room. I washed his sheet and bedspread and gave it a thorough cleaning. I wanted him to be comfortable as I knew he would have a hard time sleeping.

Only Two More Weeks Of Summer

Today was a day of vacuuming, dusting and some laundry.  Tomorrow I am going to watch Nicky as Nicky’s babysitter will be unavailable.  I tried to get as much done today as possible so I wouldn’t have to be tied to chores tomorrow.

This summer is flying by for us here.  Brian’s first day of school is in two weeks.  To me that is the end of summer.  I am feeling rather sad about that.  I can’t believe that school starts so early here.

Child’s Play

follow the leader
A Way To Keep Cool

I’d give all wealth that years have piled,
The slow result of Life’s decay,
To be once more a little child
For one bright summer day.
~Lewis Carroll, “Solitude”

brian and nee
Lunch Time

We all had a wonderful few days together. At First the boys keep cool with the sprinkler and all I saw was dollar signs instead of water spiraling out of the those tiny holes from the sprinkler. So instead, I had Carrie bring Nicky’s pool down.

the splash

Even in the pajamas, they are both happy to pose for a photo.

the pj boys
The PJ Boys