Knit And Crochet Dish Clothes

Not too much going on as far as crafting. I have a couple of little things I want to sew, but I have felt empty lately.

I did manage to crochet and knit some dish cloths.

knit and crochet dish cloths

 I used the basic diagonal dish cloth pattern for the knitted version.  I wasn’t really in the mood to knit and started to get sloppy and lose interest.  After knitting the second one, I decided to crochet the last two.

I find that the crocheted dish cloths to be too thick.  Then I thought of the extended single crochet. I decided to make two crocheted ones using an extended single crochet.

crochet dish cloths

They were just as supple as the knitted ones.

dish cloths

Last week, I sewed-up this little bird from some fabric scraps.  Pretty lame, but I figured since I took a picture of it, I might as well post it.  🙂



It was time for me to knit more dishcloths as I only had one good one left.

Knitted dishcloths last longer and they work far better than the ones you buy at a store. The last time I knitted dishcloths was in 2009.

Last week, I knitted three using a simple garter stitch with Lily® Sugar’n Cream® cotton yarn-

knitted dishclothes

Knitting isn’t something that I do often.   I guess crocheting is more my forte.  But, every once in a while, I will knit.  I like to knit socks, (below are some that I have knitted for the family) but with the high cost of the yarn and all that work, they don’t wear well.  Too soon, they get that dreaded hole in the heels.  Ugh!

knitted socks

Now, all I have to figure out is what to do next with the little yarn and thread stash that I have on hand.


I really need to get a life!  

Does anyone know where I can get one?


No Time For Boredom Here

It was near freezing last night.  The weather told us that it was going to be about 33°F and could be colder.  Late last night, Tom and I covered the tomatoes with a white sheet and this morning I removed the sheet.  Everything looks fine. 

Whew!  I was worried about our little plants. 

A couple of pictures (sorry that they aren’t very clear) of the backyard before and after we took down the chain-link fence and moved it across the yard. We still have to put up the chain-link fence replacing the old wood fence.  The grass is really coming up well where the pool was and around the perimeter. 

Before the chain-link fence and after

For a better visual of how beautiful the pool was at one time and how it was after click here.

We are getting there-a little at a time.

I have been knitting dishclothes and like someone with too much time on their hands, I took a picture of these simple patterns.

knitted dishclothes
Knitted Dishclothes

Finally, A Complete Set

I finished Tom’s socks the other day.  I washed and hung them out to dry on my patio tree.  🙂

self-stripped knitted socks

I used Moda Dea® Sassy Stripes™ Yarn. I love how this yarn self-stripes when knitting with it. Crocheting with this yarn doesn’t give it the stripes like knitting does. 

Hint:  To get the stripes even on both socks, make sure that both skeins start (match-up) with the same color pattern before casting on to your needles.

One down

I finished off the first knitted sock and I am on the second one. This pair is going to be for Tom.

self-stripping sock1

I made the ribbing on this pair longer than I did on the previous pairs. I like the longer ribbing for a man’s sock.

I am looking for a spring-like cardigan pattern, in knit, for me.

I am trying to get used to my new glasses and I have to go back for another eye dialation in a month. So far, my retina is staying attached. He wants to make sure that all of these floaters don’t detach the retina. I don’t understand and he doesn’t understand why my right eye is giving me grief when both my eyes have larger floater. At least I am not being charged for all of these tests.

The eyes have it

My eye diagnosis is…Tada! Ol’ woman eyes. There are no rips or tears to my retina, no nerve damage or disease to my eye(s). I have aging eyes. It was told to me that I would get used to what I call, the veil of darkness covering my eye. That is what the doctor said and that is what I have read. I have to go back in two weeks to make sure that the retina doesn’t attach. Old eyes causes that you know. Pffft! Right now, I am wearing Tom’s sunglasses while I am on the computer. It helps even out the darkness in my eye.

I wear my sunglasses at night
So I can, so I can
Watch you weave
Then breathe your story lines
And I wear my sunglasses at night
So I can, so I can
Keep track of the visions in my eyes.-

COREY HART lyrics – Sunglasses At Night

I ordered a new pair of glasses. I was surprised, yet happy, that my prescription changed very little.

And finally, the finished socks.


Enough already!

While working on my dreaded sock the other evening, I noticed that I had split the yarn on quite a few rows down. I unraveled it again and continued on. Then I noticed that I had some stitches back wards. I, again, unraveled it. And what to my blind eye should I notice? I had split the yarn again. OMG! Enough of this already. I unraveled, yet again, and finally added a lifeline. Usually, this is done when doing intriciate work, but for dummies like me it can be a lifeline lifesaver.


As stubborn as I am, I am not giving up on this second sock. Yesterday I knitted quite a few rows and I am almost to the toe. I can’t believe that this one sock could give me so much hassle.

I have an eye doctor’s appointment this afternoon. A week and a half ago I was experiencing lightning flashes in my right eye off to the side of my vision. I get this flashes daily. But, along with it came a darkening in my eye. I can barely see out of it. I am hoping that it is due to my aging eyes and the dark is caused by floaters and not a detached retina. I have always had floaters, but not like this that at times I need to wear sunglasses in house to deflect from the veil of darkness over my eye. I can’t stand it. It is so frustrating.

Luckily I “Saw” it

And, I don’t mean the movie.

Saturday night I was well on my way to finishing the second sock. I was past the turning of the heel and finished the gusset shaping when I realized that I forgot to do some rounds. I had to rip it out to the heel and start over again. Of course, I was panicking, as I am not too good on rework or picking up dropped stitches when it come to knitting. Crocheting is a piece of cake to rip out and rework, but knitting…

In my defense, it was late that night, Tom had the movie “Saw IV/4” on (which I thought was stupid and annoying) and I periodically would sneak peaks here and there of the movie. I wasn’t paying attention to the task at hand and flubbed-up the sock. I managed to get the sock back on course and carefully threw placed it in the basket. I didn’t pick it up again until this afternoon. This is as far as I got-

wip knitted sock

I hope to have it finished by this evening.