Square and Round Crochet Basket

These are the last two crocheted baskets I will be making for a while. I have moved on to something else using yarn instead of thread.

I made a square one and put a little flower and some color into the round one-

crochet basket

The square one took a little longer to make and I wasn’t too happy with the end results. I couldn’t find just the right molds for the square.

crocheted baskets

I was happy with the little flower on the cover and the added color to the body of the round basket-

square and round baskets crochet floral

Without the covers-

crochet baskets and covers

All in all, I had fun making these and haven’t decided if I want to post the pattern.

It was such a beautiful day today that I sat outside on the front stoop and crocheted.  I am working on a crocheted pillow.  Last night, I finally came up with a design after 5 attempt.  I was getting so frustrated.

BTW.  I frogged that shawl that I was making.  I just didn’t like the bulkiness of it or the yarn.

14 thoughts on “Square and Round Crochet Basket

  1. Liz,

    I love your cute boxes, I think you should sell your pattern on Etsy and let others sell their works. I have noticed the ones that do that sell really good on Etsy. I would not post the directions on your website. You should really also try to sell there you make such gorgeous things. And so quickly I might add. I love the flower that is a very feminine touch. Very pretty. Have a great Monday. Hugs


  2. I love to recycle and so lately with my scraps of yarn I have been covering Folger coffee cans with crocheted cover but hadn’t decided what to do with the lids. Well, after seeing this I’m thinking the lids that come with the cans will be recycled for something else and I will crochet lids similar to yours. Thanks for the idea!


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