A Moment From The Past

My sister and I were talking about this one cookies that my family used to make for any and all occasions back when we were kids. They’re an Italian, anise, dropped cookie topped with a thick butter-cream frosting.

After talking to my sister the other day, I got a craving for those cookies and got busy baking.

Along the years, I modified the family recipe just a bit to make them softer and sponge-like. The ones I remember from my childhood were a crunchy cookie similar to a biscotti before the second baking/toasting. Rather than a thick butter-cream frosting, I make a butter-cream glaze. I think the glaze looks prettier.

Whether it was pizzella, biscotti or these dropped cookies the recipe was always the same flavored with anise.

dropped anise cookies


dropped anise cookies

If you crochet or knit, you know that there is always a stash of left-over yarn from other projects.  I happened upon the Blooming Flower Cushion over at Attic 24 and thought it a good project using up left-over yarn. I remember my grandmother making similar pillows, but not as colorful.  I don’t think there were as many brilliant colors of yarn in the past (30-40 years ago) as today.  I could be wrong.  I just don’t remember.


Not having a round pillow form, I sewed one using some muslin and fiber-fill.  I made the form before I started crocheting so that I could measure how many rounds I needed to end.

fingerless gloves

In a previous post, I made a pair of finger-less gloves for my husband using some sports yarn that I had on hand.  I had more than enough yarn left to make a pair for me. On mine, I crocheted-for one round-a dc cluster stitch around the cuffs and the tops.  The color would not have been my first choice. I don’t know why I purchased such a color in numerous skeins.

I must have had an off-the-wall idea at one time.


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